Do you know that keeping your finances in order is the best way to succeed in business? Do you know that businesses that keep their finances in order are the most likely to succeed?

Your growing business needs someone who can see around corners to help you navigate your business to financial success and growth.

As your virtual CFO, I can get your financials in order, and keep them that way. But more than that, I can be your trusted advisor, helping you achieve your goals and dreams for your business. I can help you:

  • Make key business decisions
  • Plan for growth and track your progress
  • Predict future cash flows

I can help you make sound business decisions because I have the training and background to see the bigger picture, yet my involvement with your day-to-day finances gives me a thorough understanding of your unique business.

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Are you frustrated with QuickBooks and doing your own bookkeeping?  Is your current bookkeeper or accountant only crunching numbers or preparing tax returns?  As your Virtual CFO, I can take over as much or as little of your accounting, bookkeeping and other financial work as you need. Each business is unique, so I custom-design my services packages to fit the exact needs of your business, and to grow with you as you achieve your business goals.  I’m there to answer questions and help you make great financial decisions.

At Numbers That Work For You! our accounting packages start at $500 per month and can include the following:

  • Cloud-based accounting services
  • Paperless office
  • Management and Financial Reporting
  • General Accounting services
    • Payroll
    • Bill payment
    • Invoicing (client billing)
    • Sales Tax
    • Time tracking and job costing
    • Purchasing and inventory support
    • Bank reconciliations

Do you want prompt answers to your financial questions large and small?  Are you getting the guidance around business finances that you really need?  I am committed to helping you make sound business and financial decisions. As your virtual CFO, I am available for strategic meetings with you to discuss plans and goals for the future of your business, your questions and concerns about your company’s finances, and anything I see coming around the corner. I am committed to supporting your smart business decisions that lead to growth.

Often we don’t what we don’t know.  Are you unsure about which accounting services your business really needs, or which will help you the most?  Or perhaps you’re not 100% comfortable that your company’s books are accurate, up to date and in compliance.  Are your financial processes inefficient or ineffective?  Is QuickBooks driving you mad?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, an accounting assessment will bring you great peace of mind and a clear path for improvement.  In an assessment, I study 5 key areas of your company’s finances and make recommendations for bringing these into compliance with accounting principles, tax regulations, best business practices and your goals, so you will have accurate and timely information to run and grow your business. An assessment will determine your company’s specific needs for improvements or special projects, such as:

  • Catch-up and cleanup your company’s books
  • Implement new tools and systems for greater efficiency, control and meaning
  • Planning for growth and for risks
  • Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to Online
  • Help with policies, workflows and internal controls

Once the assessment and any special projects are complete, then you will be ready for ongoing accounting services and strategic support.