“I am one of the lucky ones that have done business with Robin over many years.  I work in an environment where things are always happening on the fly, priorities changing, projects being reworked, deadlines being tightened.  Robin has always stood tall and ready to deal with whatever requirements we threw her way.  Flexible, customer and detail oriented, all are  apt descriptions of her business philosophy.  Many times she has offered ideas we had not considered that have significantly benefited our operations.”

Geoff Kaupman
Piolax Corporation

“We here at Yamaha Motors in Newnan Georgia, enjoyed working with Robin in our overhead fixture storage system. Robin was very helpful and knowledgeable in the structure we built. Robin kept the material handling company moving forward and accomplishing the goal. It was a very positive experience and she helped us create a thinking “outside the box” atmosphere with this project. Robin was very professional and polite in her dealings with me, and I enjoyed working with her. I would recommend working with her on any project, big or small. She is a responsible, hard working individual — I am sure she will succeed with whatever she puts her mind to.”

Ray Van Duser, Packaging Engineer
Yamaha Motors, Newnan, Georgia

“Robin was always very professional on all of our projects, good with analyzing the costs of the projects, and highly organized. I would highly recommend Robin.”

Mark Smith, President
Outsource Equipment Co, Inc.

“Robin has come through every time on a range of projects (including complex automation) over the past decade.  She is particularly impressive in her attention to detail with a unique ability to think beyond the immediate task at hand and envision the potential consequences, helping to alleviate problems before they occur.  Robin has demonstrated that she is not afraid to expand her skill set through exhaustive research of what she is not familiar, turning a weakness into a strength.  She does not shy away from a challenge and is well-suited to opportunities where she can put her considerable financial training to use.”

Glen Theiss
Vitech Business Group, Inc.

“A wonderful person to work with, Robin has a quick response time on everything ranging from quotes to any problems that may arise. I cannot reiterate how great it is to work with someone that gets results quickly and effectively. I cannot tell you how many times other companies have given me the runaround — but that never happens with Robin. The customer is always first, and I love that.  If you love being treated right and having things taken care of quickly and effectively, then Robin is the person to work with.”

Allen Haberthier
Quality Wine and Spirits, Inc.