I read a great post this morning on Upstart Business Journal. On the surface, it looks like the post about branding, but to me it’s really about gratitude. Perhaps even more important this message is about getting that feeling of gratitude out of your head and into the world where it can do some good by touching people. After all, that’s who we do business with – people, not companies!

At the close of the Thanksgiving weekend, this is especially poignant for me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because in it I see no barriers. Everyone can do gratitude. It doesn’t belong to any particular faith or culture. It’s a national holiday, but it’s for everyone regardless of where they came from or how they got to this wonderful country of ours. It’s wide open, and everyone is invited to participate. That’s my idea of a real holiday.

The author notes 5 ways to express your gratitude to customers, including that lovely thing of the past – the handwritten thank you note.  How do you feel when you receive a note like this?  Please take a moment to read it and see how you can include more warm and personal expressions of gratitude in your business life.

Do you have a special way of thanking your customers and business partners?  Please share it in a comment.

Thank you for reading!